analysing appetite

Walking back from the memory’s garden, the wild random moments will shout your name. You will pause somewhere on the pavement of an inconsequential summer afternoon and stare at yourself-then, the naiveté of that girl, the dreams that tried to reach up and up on slender spirits to the stars, and you will wonder what happened to that 20something woman.

You will stand there in the summer heat and wonder how she survived the scorching sweat drenched days and nights, hungry AND thirsty with a six months kicking inside her guts. 

It will be past nine. The August sky is now on the cusp of warm and cold. And, you will wonder, how unwittingly you continue to make choices and doodle on the time-sand. And, before long these doodling becomes the topography your story.

Today, somehow you feel the presence! It’s almost like a tangible bouquet.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

Beautiful, my friend!
Loved that ending but loved every word as well!

Margie x