the everyday

Everything collides and converges, projects, deadlines, semester exams, Nirvaan’s school works, end of year round the corner… everything!

And, I never feel, I can just stop, pause, put my head down and take that deep breath… I am always running out of time.

When, I could just use, maybe a day, a mere 24 hours; perhaps a few moments to just slip through that hole in ‘the fabric’; my own rabbit-hole… a handful of moments.

Am building a collection of random moments, knick-knacks, while I wait for something to string them together! 
I keep misplacing my stuff, me … and finding in places and moments, unexpectedly.


Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Margie said...

How i relate!
Good write, my friend! x

Lyrically speaking said...

OMG!!! I'm glad you're still posting on your page, you have been one of my inspirations for a long time. Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by my page :)