'stealing tomorrow'

From the hidden caves of sleepless nights and fingertips fumbling with the bed sheets  
on the cusp of passion N prudence - 
comes this:

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She had known him before, a few stolen quicksilver moments, and each time it whipped out a new craving in her, a need combustible enough to make all night bonfires. But, all that was ever done, all that she could ever do, is douse the fire, pocket the ashes.

Yet for all that, it was love, wasn’t it? Or lust? Love of mayfly for the dying sun, love of one-day insects for the candle-wick. End indeed IS more beautiful, the finale truer than the prologue. 

Lingering for a moment on the very edge, and like all lovers she parted with a whisper; 
“Not just yet. Soon, but not yet”

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Margie said...

Love it! x

Lyrically speaking said...

Your words are very passionate, a representation of "You", thank you for this post