feedin my flame

Hello 3:00 AM, we meet again!

When the world takes on either the inky blue hue or sepia toned slow motion variety. Night time is deeply magical. Even the ordinary wok hanging in the kitchen, takes on a witchy look! Shadows hiding in the closet drawers. Phantasm sitting on the couch. Fairies smiling from that lamp you love!

When it seems like you are the only one on the planet. What happens when you ARE the only one on the planet and there is no audience??

Night time is for internet diving; to go treasure hunting. Make it your own. Become a master on hackers anonymous to the underground indie rock scene to dolphins in Japanese coastal areas.

Or, you could become a straight-up weirdo; you could go one better on Picasso or write reams of poetry. In fact, 3:00 Am plus IS the best time to do that! Write poetry. The darkness can get pretty inspiring.

I mean, what better, than, doing that thing with eyes closed, counting sheep or wine bottles under your bed or the un-read books occupying every available surface or number of lists you’ve made or folks you would want to sleep with, if that’s the way you roll. AND, IT STILL DOESN’T WORK!!

Because, sleep, just doesn’t wish to do you, this night or maybe all the subsequent nights. Not alluring enough, eh? Are we?

Try doing something just for Self. Because you feel like it! Just don’t go kill or harm anyone, EVEN IF it makes you happy! That’s just not allowed. Rest is fine! I think. Umm, also, no tap dancing or kitchen appliances or death metal on loud… headphones were invented for purpose

All night coffee shops! That’s a good idea! Yes, there ARE others like you. And, all of them are in the-only-person-on-the-planet!

Driving! Not doped or drunk, ones. Even just plain night driving gets into surreal-ethereal levels. And, conversations! Ahh! How spooky, layered and intimate, the tiniest of night-time conversations become! Psych!

Post-classes, post-seminar-prep, the random riding in the middle of no-where, sharing one-each-earpiece-of-iPods; held on tightly; watching dawn together… used to be, as soppy and pretentious as it sounds! And, great! Day time can actually ruin the romance of this! Because getting serious with someone you shared that ride with; through the night, not such a great idea. You are a cockamamie in those hours, even without a drop of alcohol in you.

Solitude is best served at Night! The world is strange and so are the rest of the-only-person-on-the-planet, people!  The whole thing is suicidal-beautiful, forgotten-ruins-Goth vibe to, it!

The woods and the tarot, the myth and the magic, all make sense!

It’s absurd and beautiful!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Skip said...

You got it right. Love what you say and how you say it too!

Gypsie Spirit said...

I wondered if it was me-the-only-one, when i saw the big dipper against the cigg flame that was burning closer to me, or was it the big-dipper that was. everything gets surreal at that point in the night i guess...

Margie said...

Not much time to visit or comment as I'm a new grandmother and at my daughter's house helping with the little princess!
Her name is Rose!

Loved what you wrote here!

Margie x

ashishrumak said...

Good Write !!!

Soma said...

& finally night gets is due attention..