wanted : a seraphim

via Lady Night Stalker
The house hums with moonshine. 

Grief abounds, like a slate grey smoke it rises, seeps out from multiple corners of the heart and in a slow motion take, settles on everything.

Long forgotten strain filters through, almost audible, mixes with the moonshine and in no time, a complete symphony is ready to bleed you dry. You are drowning in it. The elusive, unexplained variety of heartache, inexplicably embraces you. The only hug, you would perhaps get, in a long long time.

Please, let’s discount the hugs; YOU have been giving yourself…

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

At times a warm embrace from yourself can be a blessing!
When I feel a deep sadness I wrap my arms around me and say kind words to myself.

Even in sadness, the beauty of your words shine through!

A warm hug to you ...