my own neverland

my life is being shattered, atomized and then reconfigured. it's being altered, by everyday, by work or lack of it, by sunbeams tilting towards spring, by subtle but sure changes, by the clock ticks.

am learning to re-love, pour my being into simple things.  learning the math again, the point of time in your life and success, is not really a straight line, is not linear. learning to live with the unresolved.

words prancing about
words in a tableau
just a dream, really...

today - strawberry tarts and cakes
today - petal pink splash 
today - lid tight on the grey storm clouds
today - woke up a year older, after a weird birthday dream
today - a quiet solitary step into the 34th spring


Skip said...

Wonderful. Perfect for today.

Soma said...

today - more wiser and peaceful with own self

happy birthday!

Gypsie Spirit said...

Like the wise one said "anicca", learning never ends... too many factors, the equation of knowing never fits it!

Is it your birthday today??

Margie said...

Belated b-day greetings dear friend!

Love the beautiful writing!

Not online much these days as I'm with the new baby most of the time!
My daughter is having a hard time and I'm there to help in any way I can!

So if I miss some of your posts, forgive me!

Always a joy visiting you!

Love to you

Margie x

Gypsie Spirit said...

Happy Birthday!