strangers by default

And the change came about her slowly. 

She saw it
She thought of it and thought of it, not being right
Nevertheless, nothing more than a half-hearted, flimsy resistance. 

Eventually, a sigh 
The change engulfed her
Filling her heart with the more important things, 
Getting rid of all the trivial fears 

But the uncertainties, the secret heartbreaks
She is still /her/ .. but a different her... Finally!
Did you know heartbreaks make you magical?

You know that place between sleeping and awake, 
that place where you can still remember dreaming? 

That's where she'll always remember. 

Memories, memories... they fade away or not

dance of death and dew

weaving in and out of obscurity of midnight silence, mornings taste sweeter
the anonymity of his death, he died alone with old books, 
a stained scarf and shattered spectacles
in his pocket, ghosts in the attic, flecks of blood on the tablecloth
he was a collector
collector of myths and legends....
his greatest ... being her!

in the undertaker's shadow, dodging the moonlight
the vagrant thieves, destroy his research.... his papers... his legends
goodbye aphrodite!
... these days
when the pale pink skies talk to the moons of jupiter
lost among the clouds and constellations
amongst the fractured dreams and fragmented solace
in tune to the distant drums and floating melodies
that breathe and sigh in your ears, on to your soul
his innocence hums...
in the mist of the twilight
aphrodite rises...

'hello, my love.... shall we dance' 
Copyright © Neerja Yadav

ny's eve

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

The week begins with a promise and by beginning of Tuesday, a smudge of grey threatens to bleed.

There is a flash in the pan magic. An unfinished puzzle!

I have grown into, not taking a single day, a single person for granted. There is a reason to it all.

Love! In all its flavor, the one which comes in form of leg-pulling sister, a screaming toddler, also the one which is just the briefest of catching my eye across the room or not looking into my eyes at all, sitting across the table; the one which does not think numbers at all.

The math is immaterial.

The fandom of the most outstanding professor, a valedictorian in the making, a few coffee mugs and some zillion conversation snippets later… ‘shall I surprise you?’ and he kissed me.

That was then… this is now! A time warp!

Amount of time, doesn’t matter. Number of people who hurt you, do not matter.

Leap of faith. Matters! Doing what you are doing, with all you got. 

That. Matters!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav