strangers by default

And the change came about her slowly. 

She saw it
She thought of it and thought of it, not being right
Nevertheless, nothing more than a half-hearted, flimsy resistance. 

Eventually, a sigh 
The change engulfed her
Filling her heart with the more important things, 
Getting rid of all the trivial fears 

But the uncertainties, the secret heartbreaks
She is still /her/ .. but a different her... Finally!
Did you know heartbreaks make you magical?

You know that place between sleeping and awake, 
that place where you can still remember dreaming? 

That's where she'll always remember. 

Memories, memories... they fade away or not


Kafo said...

that place where you can still remember dreaming?

the thoughts in this conscious channel sometimes humble mii because the darkness inside, the fear slips into and walks into your conscious mind and you are left not with idealistic dreams but reality

Gypsie Spirit said...

uncertainties, the secret heartbreaks... they are almost like those fragments, scattered everywhere, but hard to put a word to, or make them a life-size portrait. Yet, it is nice, and like you said, they are magical.
:) How have you been ??

Margie said...

You are such a wonderful writer.
Love this!

Have had no time to visit lately as so busy with my Sweet little Rose.
She is truly amazing and I love her "to the moon and back!"

Sending you love!

Margie xx