lone wolf and sleeping woods

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Zelda Fitzgerald says: “Yours is a story taking place behind the scenes, and I only hope that you will not forget that most of the audience has never been there”

The way crickets chirp and birds sound, you can hear the summer coming to close. The way grass turns and flower behaves, you can smell the summer end.  

Conflicted colors of life, smudged with peach, the yellows and the pastels of:

the way Nirvaan trips over and goes “mumma mumma” hand held out for me, he quiets down as i hold him … other times he climbs atop me… lilts ‘lurvvve you’ while pressing his cheeks to mine or planting a big slobbery one on the mouth,

painted with pink and red of:
long talking hours when the time does it’s clichéd flying, the interweaving of love and lust, desire and despair, making a tapestry over my newest quilt for the everyday

patch work of gray and black of:
dead of the night floating off, flying solo, to distant stars.

Swim against and crash, the body breaks, the soul lives on. 
Like a logical progression, the timeline is being built up.

Somewhere in my earphones seemingly distant and hauntingly close Shinoda Raps:

I'm left with emptiness that words cannot defend// You'll never know what I became because of you//Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose

Wouldn’t be it wonderful to just get up, book yourself on a long long distance flight and be off to those distant shores. Create the fairytale, while living it! Live the gypsy me, finally!

The loneliness fighting for space with the fullness of grace! 

The beauty of the living with the beast of survival!  Their love needs consummation, because the lines blur, the anarchy blends in with the peace!

I think, I will sleep and catch on the half dreamt dreams of last night, of tomorrow.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Soma Yadav said...

& yet again... you just decide to go to sleep!

i say! move it!
break the routine... and do something fun all by yourself - and no reading/movies/music even blogging do not count..
-make it count and write back about it :)

P.S. we dont listen to linkin park. before you say it 'i am not patronising'
P.S.1 little something for that push :)