a few shots of êxhilaration

We shift uneasily. We smile. We play nonchalant. The sudden nearness and the quickening pulses! You catch your breath, let a slow un-deliberated sigh and play it down. Catch time in memory sieve.

Almost enough time to recalibrate. Almost enough time to remember…

The season’s have shifted and suddenly there’s a deluge to be tied up before that final countdown of the year. Another 365 spins.

Autumn is my second favorite, suddenly the earth hours are filled with that sensuous chill morning, idyllic afternoons and honeyed evenings. The horizon comes a beckoning and all one dreams of is that cottage by the lake up north.

The time veritably speeds up and minutes turning into hours flow on, while one stands at the banks. 
Watching. Quietly.

It was brief and golden, and then back to the pell-mell of too-full days.

Back to tired heart. Tucked away in the trunk!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Margie said...

Wonderful to be reading you again!

You get right 'to the heart of things'

Sending you a hug :)


Kafo said...

i feel like autumn was non existent and winter came to quickly
now i'm nursing a cold trying to convince myself that the sun will shine again