"yes, i am a witch"

“…from Andromeda, you say?” he wonders
“...ummhmmm”; she breathes absentmindedly

Her breath smells of Eden, they say… all of them.

The problem is that even the semblances of human feelings are gone!
 Locked away in the deepest heart of the Big Bang!

Men? Accessories, Darling! {or she would have the humans believe}
Heartbreak? She wears like stars in her raven hair

Dark eyes. Now tripping. Now floating.
Voice drunk on starlight.

With centuries of yearning, she looks for the one…

The one. Who was scared and fascinated!
The one on whose shadows she slipped; tinkling giggles at his fear.

For he should never have ventured into astral; but he did… and Now… she is here!

Hard to believe she could ever fly, with all that ‘make-up’ weighing her down. 
Hard to believe… she was a star

Copyright © Neerja Yadav