a godess called The Bloggess

After a mind-wrenching night of  guzzling blended whisky straight from Haig 750ml bottle and much wannabe pole dancer dancing  (no poles were used either for vaulting or dancing) to the tunes of gangnam style and some nonsense iglesiaus (I don’t even know if I got the second name of the dude correct or not and am too bored to correct)  AND some throwing up AND some terrible sleep AND worse i-wish-i-was-dead-hangover while I had to manage a very “angelic” 3 yo! 

I was quite a case for therapist and cause for their existence!

But then therapies are for losers methinks, yes, me has me own nonsensical irrational rationale for everything…  AND, am so not a loser! Right? WRONG!!

Ah well, this post, so isn’t about me… it’s about  this awesome, awesome to the point of being sued, friend! 

Umm, does stalker reading her blog and commenting a times and tweeting to her handle, qualify me to call her my friend? I think she would say yes! So, YES!!

She was an accidental discovery sometime in Dec 2009, three 365 spins, this month!! And, instantly she was manna from heaven!

Those were dark days… Eyes-never-adjust-to-the-kind-of-dark-and-you-are-claustrophobic-forever-gasping-for-breath DARK!!

I have mentioned her before here, I suggested her to all and sundry and her blog kept me company. Her DMs on twitter were the shots required!  I am not alone in this; is truly a ray of hope one needs in darkness such!

Friends, meet my ray of hope The Bloggess! And, she has ARRIVED and how! Got her debut book from flipkart! And I cant recommend it enough!

IT has to be read; if you are into books… it HAS to be read if you are not into books!!

Post the wreck of last night, “Lets Pretend this Never Happened” is a life blood.

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I read the book. Sometimes when i was supposed to read for my finals... it was worth getting an embarassing grade ;)