My best friend, Mr.Death… and… errm… okay fine, Google too!!

Those of you, who think, this is going to be macabre, that this is my first post of the year and I begin with death, are probably right!

I can get all philosophical and say death is the beginning and the rest of the blahs…all those guys in long robes of different colors keep harping about…but then am not, my dad is…I mean a doctorate in philosophy… not a guy in long flowing colored robe… that would be weird and he wouldn’t even be Papa Yadav, am sure…not socially at least!

A non sequitur, that!  Like. A perfect example

Oh well, back to death …

(that sounds like a metal band name… freaking awesome, band name…!! my dibs, morons!) 
BACK TO DEATH singles called hi-on-lyf!!! That is supercool and Cobain is totally hi-fiveing right now!

So, the thing is, I think of death like as many times a ‘teenager’ male specimen of mankind thinks of sex!! 
YES, THAT MANY TIMES, I kid you not!!

(aside: am told and also in my limited human experience, the entire specimen is teenaged forever, but then am no expert)

Okay, don’t get me wrong… those of you who are trying hard to…get me, that is… It’s not that am either murderous or suicidal… NOPES, FAR FROM IT!!

AM quite at peace! 

So, What exactly is it that I think…at least the part of my ‘elevated’ brain thinks? The ways I would/could die at given point. Driving. Eating. Sleeping. In shower. In a meeting. Aboard a plane. In an elevator. Pretty much everywhere. See, I told ya…like Sex!  

(maybe they are same, I remember one of those robed dudes sayin something to that effect.. dunno, my memory isn’t what used to be)

And, when I get bored of my own… then I begin thinkin of others’ 

And not the actual action sequence details, just the concept of death of an individual and posthumous reactions of those around him/her… and then it begins dangerously tilting into very dangerous territories of mind and that is when I have to stop and go check my instagram feed.

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