Love Ache

He is growing up so fast, he dances to his own tune, and he talks in his own language. Stubborn and aggressive, spitfire and very next minute, he is all sweet butterfly kisses and “love yous”…fun and grumpy. Perpetual whining interspersed with hours of tinkling laughter.

He just started his new day-care, a very quiet-in-the-crowd child, picks his corner, picks his favourites and observes…everything and everybody; that’s what I get from his caretakers.

Every day the morning ritual also includes the “Baby doesn’t want to go out”; still a third person reference, still the reluctance of leaving the nest… still the separation anxiety.

Being a single parent to this glorious child is a lesson in itself. Like a Shaolin Monk he sets up tests for me to figure myself out.

Like a Storyteller with a combination of practicality and pure magic that coexists in his mind right now is a delight! Easily delighted, curious, sensitive, and more or less self-sufficient. Always up for mischief, an adventure or a run or two.

Seeing him pull out naughty tricks, thought of all by himself; letting him imitate me, while I get him ready him for bed… letting him be a big boy he is becoming… always tugs at my heartstrings… with a wide grin and tears at the corners of my eyes… a perpetual pleasure ache!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Nitish Sharma said...

Hey! nice post! yes he is a Monk!

Time flies..he is already 3 & half!! congrats to the proud Mom in perpetual pleasure ache!! Keep writing!

Hugs & Kisses to Nirvaan/Vardaan!