madison county - my own version

Kneading the crumpled edges of the dream-world, the conscience floats back… to the birdcall, the morning music…the afterglow of a night unconsummated…slow pirouetting of desire...

At 35, I have a closet full of moments – momentous and mundane, making a tapestry of my own past...choices made, turns taken, waters uncharted … the on-going weave of 'what ifs?

For am a product of collective conscious, of generations of mankind, a roués at heart and mind too… in love with what could have been, what’s yet to come… living for the perpetual Coming Soon!

With, multi-tasking now a done thing; especially with world at fingertips. No single-minded passion of Romeo or purpose of Einstein. Adventure is always out there!

The coffee date demands a twitter or an fB update, every single step the growing child takes is on camera! DSLRs no less! We are all stars now… not heroes… stars…of our own narratives.

Habits are extremely intriguing… the comfort of status quo… the fractured life begins to feel like full life.  I have become the audience of the narrative…no more in it…sifting, sorting… it seems living no more

I need to relearn to do one thing at a time. Every step needs to be intentional. Focused.  

For, scattered attention mutates into tattered existence.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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