'the secret life of daydreams'

You spin me right round…(like a record)

-       Dead or Alive

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I love badly. That is, too little or too much. I throw myself over an unsuitable cliff, 
only to reel back in horror from a simple view out the window.
—Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries

The car window slides down slowly and he simply says “you look beautiful…” ; three simple words and am surrounded by butterflies…(still)… unwittingly I blush… (freak!)

Even with skies carrying on like no tomorrow, even with the endless, endless rain, and grey skies... its summer and its green here…

And in between, there is this golden time. Unfurled shine!

Spring and Purple skies. Torrents. The air hangs heavy. Hair curls. And, I am this close to stop thinking and deconstructing moments and intentions. Inevitably the conflict!

And, I close my eyes…all I can see is the smile! The silence is filled. With just a word.  A noun.

The moon shows its waning face veiled behind the cloud canopy. Things turn iridescent, blushing each time she shows her face again. The gravel glints. Emotions at the surface.

It’s not on purpose.  But everything seems to be suddenly shifting and colliding.

Logic isn’t something you feel until you loose it and everything from the day slides up against moments like this… Irrational and Right!

Everything tumbling to create a bright, discordant geometry in the present moment while the cars light up the eyes… the irises reflecting… images…

Cliff jumping towards the unknown…

There is a voracity and hunger to it that belies balance. It’s no accident we say we “fall” when we are in love.

The hardest thing is to feel the force of stillness balancing the velocity of perpetual action.

I reach out and respond… this feels like a continuation.

Fingers intertwined.

We breathe.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav