love story that just began...

I pull the curtains close to find the bedroom filled with afternoon light filtered with light blue of the curtains. He snugly sleeps beside me, while I finish the tidbits of work on the notebook. With earphones warmly streaming assorted playlist… 

Mid-work I casually look at him… his warmth and vulnerability radiating… you can almost see the halo bleeding into the light blue… all I want is to dive back under the soft coverlet. Many a afternoons we lie this way, just breathing. 

I’ve been crushing on him for a while, and I can’t help but smile watching him in jeans and checked shirt.
He wakes me up, brews coffee, he cooks exotic stuff, he plays goofy, he loves, he smiles, he just looks at me and I inimitably collapse years and be sixteen and thirty-six at the same time… filling reams of pages with poetry… understated passion

This has been our ritual every morning, every afternoon, every evening… and I know… I did right to vow… this year… no matter what. Be Happy!

Simple things and routines that sustain my core; rituals that soften the edges and simplify the moments and reduce some of the stress I find all too easily creeps in.

Like a treasure hunter, I sift through the trunks of moments of my 2013 self; tracing the plot lines and inner narratives that in the moment never appeared connected, but from the vantage point of a year out, there are evident constellations.

I’ve found notes that, text messages, moments, conversations, stolen kisses, lingering hugs, belly-laugh, random drives and like the brilliantly lit up cities on planet earth from space… they trace the topography of life that began with one day and promises to be a happy one!

Of course, not without the complete blackouts which I know so well! Nevertheless, at least the outlines are shimmering!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

I so love how you write.

Sending love ....