jadoo tha shayad, jadoo hi hoga...

This dream was not a product of sleep, neither the REM

A mouthful of love like couplets
Condense on your levitated sighs

Dark tone in white blanket
Furred spindles of trust
In the natural mechanics of the encapsulated heart
Strung by ambivalence of the flesh
And sealed by greetings of the Ination

The half shivering smile of upturned lips
Screaming instinct, 
Shushed by spurts of control thoughts

Am I just an after thought or cloud of thought bubbles
The seconds of such speculation trickle away
The hours of hesitation ran the time marathon...

It is now Midnight inside my Mind
The magic's moment

Shifting the lines of  sorcery
Slow gallop of stallion seduction 

It's a leisurely fever. Endless, clandestine, taboo.

He simply just, shuffled alphabets
and made a master stroke on the unfinished painting

Copyright©Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

You took my breath away!