White fire

The island hidden like a treasure, are we lost, do we want to be found? 

Stranded or grounded, never came up.

It just went with the flow. The pull that could have been avoided; but wasn’t.

The skill of one, the unwittingly being drawn of the other. The fun for one, the distraction for the other and the roles kept being swapped each day, from moment to next.

Now frowning, now funny.

She holds him tentative, not sure of herself. Too much in the moment to react; for fear of stepping out of the sensation to give it objectivity!

Did she follow the lead or was it more like floating just below the surface, enclosed by the sea and sunshine together.

She holds him tight, sure of his emptiness and hers. Too out of the moment to react; for fear of getting sucked in and loose objectivity!

Oh baby, you have a beautiful neck and am drunk just by a single lick… and Oh baby, I could do it again… taste your smile, magic in and out your shivers whole night or two… make you obsessed and burn myself … am cruel and so are you..

My heart is full and scarce… and I could be yours…

And swish away… in a blink of an eye and glide away like water fairy…

Copyright©Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

Oh my, I got lost in this .. so beautiful.
Wishing you much joy this Holiday season and many blessings in the New Year.

(I finally posted a poem ... )

Love to you