Mid Birthday Post

My birthday is here and almost gone. A blink! The world turns. It keeps turning. Every day  is a hilarious mix of pure joy and annoyance, angst and delight, frustration and sweetness.
Every day my heart is cracked open with wonder.
Every day the floor is strewn recklessly with his things.
There is no way to make up for the lost days over useless frustration of work place or keep the delightful ones intact.
The smell of my boy’s skin curled next to me, reading stories before bed; playing with ‘tooth fairy’ coins… all those lost teeth – a treasure now. 
No way to describe all the moments spent at arguing or making love;  no way at all to capture the vastness of sky full of stars or planet filled with myriad marvels.; the ions dancing in the air; the flock of birds; the bonfire smoke at twilight, sipping wine, the distant temple bells. 
No way to convey the way days have been fractured and this old soul claustrophobic, or a tiny speck of inspiration re-invigorating my work, and igniting new fervor. No way to list the  books I’ve read, or partly read; the thousand kisses exchanged with my love; the late nights spent on projects for work; the deadlines and the satisfaction of hitting them; the camellias in bloom; the surprising sweetness of colleagues, the affection they shower....the humility I bow into with each new day.
Instead, a handful of prayers.  It’s been an incredible start to the year. A year I’ve begun with big intentions and deep gratitude.
Thank You, Universe!
Copyright © Neerja Yadav