March Madness et

With a longer slant of light the days have a little more ease. It’s a year-end in this industry it means additional target pressures and additional playtime. The ‘work hard, play harder’ platitude!

We get to work, and there’s just enough time to take those coffee and smoke breaks, to listen to the traffic and myriad point of views – from politics to pot luck.

No time to listen to the wind stirring in the trees and the spring time birds serenading the setting sun.

Every weekend is a boon. A few hours spent catching up on the quotidian, playing with kids, doing the laundry, cooking or baking and a movie, maybe a bit of shopping. Letting the sound of everyday wash over me.

Have you noticed, how the Sun is at its seductive delicious best during Spring afternoons and evenings? Have you noticed how the water bodies are literally set aflame with the light of setting sun?

Not enough hours, really, for all the books, movies, concocted games of playtime. Not enough time together, but still.

Enough to fill us up temporarily.
Enough for the time being!

For March, for early spring in this city I fell in love with. For this apartment which is truly a home.

At the mid of next month, I’ll have been here a decade. How did that happen?

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Margie said...

Happy 10 year anniversary in your home
"the home that love built'

Always so love to read you!