Soon - a word full of milky promise. A mirage of a word. A word that weaves a bittersweet beads of dreams.
Soon holidays. Soon the beginning of things. Soon the exercising. the eating right. the writing more. 
Soon more love. Soon a promise. a hope. a moving target.

Soon some magic. Soon and viola! 
He is Seven! A complete rubix cube of maths, music, mythology and magic!

A second grader, full of questions.

From where do babies come from to why don't we use magnets to reduce friction on the roads!?

He loves autumn, toy bikes, his McD burgers, coin and stone collections and wants to visit 
Eiffel Tower, New York City and Hollywood, also Madagascar and Coral Reef! 

How about Northern Lights and stars in the sea, too, Mummy? 

And of course, “Mummy you are my best friend.”  
“But you get upset sometimes, when I don't listen to you.”

He is all wild legs and wilder thoughts. A mix of wonder and science. He wants to be a scientist and a magician. 

This coexistence of practicality and pure magic in his mind right now is what I love most this age.

He is transportable, easily delighted, curious, sensitive, and more or less self sufficient.

Always up for adventure. “Mummy am so excited!” “Mummy, is it tomorrow yet?” 

He has imaginary friends who are ponies and dragons and aliens, 
who want to live with us and be our family!

He never questions the magic of things he believes in, 
despite the constant parody of “why?”, “what?” and “where?”
I kiss him goodbye everyday to the school bus, but he never watches or responds. 
His small little face - all quiet and serious. “Mummy, you know am shy around other people!”

This wild, tender thing I’ve raised; long limbed with silky straight hair 
that refuses to take any other styling. 

This boy. Becoming his own self.

He is a live wire full of electric energy and ideas. He is sentimental and nostalgic and terribly, remarkably bright. And he’s so stubborn sometimes my heart breaks.

After I come home from work, and after all is done, after dinner, after stories, surrounded by the thickness of night - he says “Mommy! I missed you. I’m so glad you came back early.”

Life slips right by.

Under the twirling heavens. The days blooming with twilight, spill into starry nights, turn blue before dawn, then spread the world with milky early morning sunlight.

He almost touches my chin now. An inconceivable fact. Almost every night as we lie on the bed, and read stories, I cannot help but marvel: “you were a baby!”

“You fit just here on my chest. How is that possible?” I say out loud.

And he says, “Am still your baby, Mummy!”

Then curls himself against me, folding himself up small, smaller, 
until contained right there, beside my beating heart.

My wild beating heart just calms itself down, just then!

A very very Happy Birthday, My MagiQ!


Copyright © Neerja Yadav


passerby55 said...

Hi neerja

Motherhood is a satisfying growth for every women.
This post brought back all such and many memories
kept away within & reading the magiq in your words
they woke up just like a child still in bed wiping the
sleep away from those dreamy eyes
All of it smiled back to me in a fraction of second , A bundle of joy like sunlight through my window,
Thank you

Love hugs kisses to your magiq

Saurabh Banerjee said...

Always amazing to read your blogs. God bless the little one!

Sojourner said...

Chin high? I may not know a lot but I do know that you are short :p