“Mummy, am I really a blessing?”, “Mummy, do you know pharaohs wore ball pythons?” “Mummy, are you ok?” “Mummy, girls are more important because girl has more letters than boy!” So proud! And, So many things I love about you that are pushing forward and wanting to absorb more of life.

From the little quirks of 3rd grader to those glaring glimpses of a teen you will become - almost everything about you has a stamp of you. The gentle new soul - the inquisitive brilliant mind - in awe of what the world truly has to offer to the nonchalant way you deal with the little disappointments and hurts. 

I have been writing and rewriting this letter in my mind for ages now and here I sit hurriedly trying to give shape to the spinning supernova you are becoming. 

This year you become a bit more of the man - I am proud to have as a best friend, bit more of my contribution to making the world a better place - bit more of my heart out on two feet growing taller and a bit more of love - I didn’t know I had the capacity for ... 

Happy 8th Birthday Darling! 

Mi MaaO loves you Eleventy Million times Universe

Copyright©Neerja Yadav

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Sojourner said...

He's in good hands dum dum :)

Happy for both you. Can't believe he's 8.

I might come around more often. Fingers crossed.