Bliss and Blessing

After much push and pull on the trousseau and the menu, the colors and the flowers, the ensembles and the guest-list, the play list and the rituals...(and that right there is a whole different longish blog post of haldis and the mehndis and the sangeets and the dirty dancings and flirtations all over) but i digress...
The confetti has settled, the dance music has faded and the feasting is done.

Gazillion hours, Million Intercontinental Whatsapp Planning Groups and Thousands of shopping trips and four intensive days of festivities, banquets airplane and car rides later - the most awaited Indo-Greek Partnership is now sealed with rites of fire!! :)

Everyone flew back to their next stops/homes and our youngest flew the coop technically - with a quick stop over at Bali!! 
(Pictures, Soma and Foti Mou!)

It's been three days since the ceremonial tying of knot and two days since the "bidaai" (traditional send off); while nothing literally changes but then everything does change - with that pinch of vermilion in the bride's middle parting and the vows around fire. 

There was a certain happiness in planning the bridal shower to bidaai and getting lost in all the madness of details and coordination. 

But despite all the stress, personally I think the last few months have been rather amazing.
While we are all relieved in many ways that its gone all smoothly, I think it is the closeness of family (new and old) and friends (new and old) that stays forever. The shared meals, dances and the bonhomie. The little things that would remain etched itself in memory. The numerous hugs and the jaw breaking smiles would make for stories.

The detail of the dresses would be forgotten but the almost intuitively syncopated choreography of chores and complementing each other's movements would not. 

It's been an emotional ride we have had over the last week. 

At the end of it all, it feels like a dream. Surreal and Eiderdown fuzzy!

Life has begun to feel a little anti-climatic already, and while I negotiate getting back to the day to day. Between unpacking luggage and packing lunches - taking this 5 to reflect.. 

What is it that brings two people together and transcends into bringing cultures and families together? What is that makes  potential best friends out of beautiful people you just meet (Angelica!) And what is it that makes you fond of couples like you've known them all your life (Sean-Monica - hugs)? 

The handsome twin who gingerly but surely shines brilliantly from inside? (Theo, my love!)

What exactly is it that strikes a chord somewhere with your sensibilities of quiet (Katya!) and subtle impishness (Giovanni - great job on the shoes by the way!)?

How about people who just make a difference with their presence (Phil-Vicki)? And the people who add to the glitter (Bikram-Ankita)? Those who bring the earthy tones with their joy (Shravya, Pallavi and Manish)? 

And those who are like the fixture of support (Ashwini-Arun)?  Girls who glam the occasion and also keep the bride sane - Mina, Trupti, Tini, Shelley?? 

Boys who are pillar of support from charming the in-laws to working the details to carrying the flowers to setting the stage to fetching the bride (Rajesh, Praveen, Kunal, Rishi and Amit)?  

And the hordes of relatives who take it upon themselves to make this better, enjoyable, comfortable, even a tad bit bittersweet??

What about parents who are overwhelmed with things to do and overflowing with love & blessings?

What really??  
LOVE Unadulterated!

And words being words would be inept to 
capture the blessing we have for my kid sister and brother-in-law! 

God Bless, You Guys! 

 Copyright©Neerja Yadav

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