le reve

Neither floating,
Nor flowing…

In this “frozen embryo”
The IS conceived me, out of love…
For happiness…
Sometimes the light flutters
Those butterfly kisses
Tickles my sleep
The IS waves the wand
And I stir
The comfort zone, too precious
The remorse not acceptable
There are still things to be learnt here
For thoughts never sleep,
Nor hibernate
But IS desires differently…
Trying to find solace ….in
the cumulus and the cirrus
Those sea laden cotton wool (how do they do it??)
Those will o wisp masquerades
asking the questions, the right ones (how do I decide?)
sending the right current, telepathic with the IS
the stars make me feel homesick
and desperately look for “my mom”
rocketing the right prayers
slowly I fragment…
the evil and the devil
the good and the angel
some 14 shades of grey
moving from… the Topside to the Flipside
the duchess of hell and the queen of heaven
tries on different evening wears

And then I come back…
Merge and morph into this…
What the IS willed me to be…
And yet… a long way before the will comes to pass the actuality that was willed!

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