love story that just began...

I pull the curtains close to find the bedroom filled with afternoon light filtered with light grey of the curtains. He snugly sleeps beside me.

 I casually look at him… his warmth and vulnerability radiating… you can almost see the halo bleeding into the light. 

I’ve been crushing on him for a while, and I can’t help but smile watching him in formals, floppy hair, rugged smile.His kisses are deep, his tea is okayish, his playlist exotic, he plays goofy, he loves, he smiles, he just looks at me and I inimitably collapse years and be sixteen and sixty at the same time… filling reams of pages with poetry… understated passion

This has been our ritual every morning, every afternoon, every evening… and I know… I did right to vow… this year… no matter what. Be Happy!

Simple things and routines that sustain my core; rituals that soften the edges and simplify the moments and reduce some of the stress I find all too easily creeps in.

Like a treasure hunter, I sift through the trunks of moments of my self; tracing the plot lines and inner narratives that in the moment never appeared connected, but from the vantage point of time, there are evident constellations.

I’ve found notes, text messages, moments, conversations, stolen kisses, lingering hugs, belly-laugh, drives and like the brilliantly lit up cities on planet earth from space… they trace the topography of life that began with one evening, lost keys and unwitting promises to be a happy one!

Of course, not without the complete blackout days which I know so well! Nevertheless, at least the outlines are shimmering!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

pocketful of daydreams

He says “you look stunning…” ; three simple words and am surrounded by butterflies, unwittingly I blush… 

Even with winters muscling in, jostling for space with smog and traffic even with cacophony of this world going horribly wrong in most parts, ... its spring in my heart.

It's golden time. Unfurled shine!

I inevitably deconstruct moments and intentions. Relishing, reliving, overthinking, analysing. The conflict!

And then I close my eyes…all I can see is the fire in those eyes! 
The silence is filled. With just a word.  A noun.

The moon shows its waning face veiled behind the cloud canopy. Things turn iridescent, blushing each time she shows her face again. The gravel glints. Emotions at the surface.

It’s not on purpose.  But everything seems to be suddenly shifting and colliding.

Logic isn’t something you feel until you loose it and everything from the day slides up against moments like this… Illogical and Right!

Everything tumbling to create a bright, discordant geometry in the present moment while the cars light up the eyes… the irises reflecting… images…

Cliff jumping towards the unknown…

There is a voracity and hunger to it that belies balance. 
It’s no accident we say we “fall” when we are in love.

The hardest thing is to feel the force of stillness balancing the velocity of perpetual action.

Before I know it, I respond… this feels like a completion and continuation.

Fingers intertwined. We breathe.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Not a moment goes untouched
And drenches me 
Thoughts decadent

Yes, in those slumber hours too
Sin fills me up 

As I chuckle in sleep
Your phantom face inside
Stirs me up, 

As I long for a devil's hug
And a vamp’s kiss

You pull me close
To deliver it inches deep

p.s: watching you, watch me ... is a different brand of high... 

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

butterfly kiss

molten sapphire…

zillion lamps
lighting up the void
caved in fogs of memories
you looking into me
I weave my dreams…
am the muse,

you lost

not more than a tear

veil me in those eyes…

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

trembling hands, shivering soul

enwrapped in your arms,
in a few leaps 
and one spring
my heart just soars

each of my nerves
sizzling with liquid fire
and like a slow burning candle,
my being consumed by desire

am i the calm you seek?
you definitely are
the shore my waves break...

the mischiefs are all mine
so is the grief

there’s so much to say
and every time i try
i loose my way

still lost,
i crossed the line
that night..
the soul imprinted

i walk swiftly
my head bent down
escape i must
to my solitude

the wind chimes
the waves rhyme
the air cuddles
the spaces huddles

and yet again 
the hope springs
un-jaded with all those strings
that marked the last journey

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

Graveyard Called - Heart

Iced memory sun spots
Fragile ache
Sagacious and insensate
Sanguine and sad

The road to the highest virtue
Incidentally, passes through
Abyss of vices

Melted seclusion
Clotted dynamo
Mundane made magnificent
With ladles of romance
Of everyday existence

Romance of life
More of death
Merrier in beyond...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav