trembling hands, shivering soul

enwrapped in your arms,
in a few leaps 
and one spring
my heart just soars

each of my nerves
sizzling with liquid fire
and like a slow burning candle,
my being consumed by desire

am i the calm you seek?
you definitely are
the shore my waves break...

the mischiefs are all mine
so is the grief

there’s so much to say
and every time i try
i loose my way

still lost,
i crossed the line
that night..
the soul imprinted

i walk swiftly
my head bent down
escape i must
to my solitude

the wind chimes
the waves rhyme
the air cuddles
the spaces huddles

and yet again 
the hope springs
un-jaded with all those strings
that marked the last journey

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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