defining diffusivity

i sit on the window sill
and gaze out into the night
melting into that distant no-sight
the moon bursts out 

from behind the tattered clouds

Once there was shock
Once there was pain

Now its just nicotine
Now its just rain

Have been soaking in for so long
Now, a point
Where, it can hurt
No more
No more fire blazing
No more comets
tail shimmering
A torn leaf
A damp firewood

Esoteric helplessness
Cursory helps

And the eyelids…with a soundless blink
Spun those yarns… without a drop of ink

The starry heaven slowly make way
To dewfall skies

A few unsure treads, circled my heart
A few tremulous steps, fenced the wall

Lying, thinking
Floating, diving

I tried finding a home
a home for me
searching shadows
in hope for the silhouette

A lone light over the hill
Someone living there still

One more night of erosion
One more night of delusion
I glance through the mirror and tuck myself in.

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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