my dreams - breathe your name

The void just deepened… a lil more
Now, that I did find you
You drown, in my pain
Am unsaved…myself
I sleep to die
Am scared to live
I sleep to blacken the days
Am scared of darkness
The fears got me hypnotised
Am scared to close my eyes
Trapped inside…
Pounding heart in head
Drumming blood in veins
Rising fever
Setting in chill
You watch me
And now not
Sun shone
Rainbow painted
But the black never leaves
I can stop the pain
And will you alive
but am falling
into myself
they scream…my name
and, am bound…
cant lift my eyes
I was waiting
Now just bleeding
Wont you come to me again?
Wont you torture me again?
The mist waiting in my eyes
To say hello
I don’t want you, anymore
I just lie low


Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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