sapphire, silence, sublimity

this poem fell from the sky, 
from the molten sapphire above
this season melted from the snow, 

from the whiteness pure

this journey began from nowhere, to nowhere, with lots in between
the headlines of the 'galaxy times' says: "the time just froze"

no more angular, no more linear, no more constant variable
soft lights, water, music notes, everything that screams romance
everything that’s mush, everything that sells on valentine’s…
it’s 1000 bucks a couple… 120 bucks a shot of ecstasy

fails to move a muscle in me…
diamonds are not for everyone
sometimes a cubic zirconia is perfect

happiness is another noun, felicity being it’s twin
but poor love lost its grammatical position…
something broke and the life fell, pearl after pearl…
lost the day, while trying to catch the twilight
the shadow occupies the senses
eludes the being
myriad falls, sequestered my silence
the pyre of dreams going up in flame
the effusive hush doesn’t make sense, yet…

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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