slowmotion Nirvana

as he moves at a rhythm
as he gains pace 
am struck by the the slow motion 

struck by
the confusion, 

the pain clouded momentarily

as his eyes get a glaze
in bewilderment I gaze,

this looked as sane as can be
marinated in and brewed from
as insane as can be...

the mind shuffling grasps on some reason
the heart filling gasps
on this treason

in those seconds that flew

in those minutes that blew
my heart dipped in his colors
my being dyed in his hues

the journey from untouched to drenched
were not calibrated neither timed
in fascination
and some frustration

i savor...

the nonspatial continuum
which picked me up
and carried me
through realms

nothing like carousing

this merry was a tumble slow

a gilded gliding... "now i live in afterglow"

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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